The plight of Tibet under brutal Chinese rule

Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Beijing government is wiping out all elements of Tibetan culture. From deeply held religious beliefs to Tibetan native language, history, and artistic traditions dating back thousands of years.

In particular, in January 2018, Human Rights Watch reported that Chinese government officials were coordinating a “takeover” of the important Tibetan Buddhist monastery at Larung Gar. In a move to assert greater control and Tibetan monastery being dismantledbolster its surveillance of religious activities, the government has been demolishing a number of monastery buildings, and placing atheist Communist party officials in important administrative positions. The move appears to more closely align with a long history of religious restrictions targeting the practice and institutions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Nevertheless, the fact is that Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama and the President-in-exile Tencho Gyatso, have expressed their willingness to negotiate a union deal with China if their traditions, religion, and way of life are respected. This has been stated despite the unfortunate example of what is happening in Hong Kong, where the promises of the Chinese government before the annexation have turned out to be totally empty.

The persistent attacks on the freedoms and fundamental rights of the Tibetans are oriented towards a forced and cruel assimilation:

  • In addition to outright destroying Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and teaching centers across Tibet, China severely restricts Tibetans' ability to engage in religious practices or express their devotion to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Anyone engaging in these practices is being arrested and imprisoned;
  • The Chinese government is forcing as many as 1 million Tibetan children to attend government-run boarding schools far from their homes and families Tibetan students being indoctrinatedwhere they are forbidden to learn or speak Tibetan. Teachers also espouse Communist ideology while denigrating Tibetan culture;
  • Any Tibetan who promotes the use of their native language or speaks up for children's rights is being imprisoned by the Chinese authorities;
  • Up to 2 million Tibetan nomads, farmers, and rural residents have been forcibly resettled by the Chinese government. These Tibetans are uprooted from their traditional way of life as generations of their ancestors have lived, to being restricted to life in concrete settlements built and monitored by the Chinese regime.

More Tibetan monasteries being destroyedThe vast majority of world people are unaware of this heinous policy. It is crucial that everyone around the globe is informed so that their governments can put pressure on the Chinese government demanding respect for the rights and freedoms of the Tibetan people.

We may all do our bit by informing our relatives, friends, and acquaintances about these facts and asking them to spread these facts even further.

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