Petition to John Kerry on COP26 about Tibet's Environment exploitation

Mr. John Kerry
Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW, Room 2206
Washington, DC 20520-2204

Dear Sir,

As you represent the United States at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and lead efforts to commit to urgent climate action, please make saving Tibet's environment and stopping the humanitarian crisis in Tibet one of your top priorities.

China's reckless and unchecked exploitation of Tibet's natural resources, through uncontrolled development, damming, logging and mining, is destroying the ecosystem in the whole region. The Chinese government is also using its environmental policy as a weapon of oppression –forcing Tibetan nomads off their lands and imperiling water supplies for nearly 2 billion people across Asia– silencing by force any Tibetan who speaks out.

As you work with other world leaders to achieve a primary goal of the conference, which is "adapting to protect communities and natural habitats", Tibet cannot be forgotten within this task.

Please, speak up for the people of Tibet and pressure the Chinese government to stop exploiting Tibet's environment.

Thank you,


Oct.27 (– China's reckless environmental policies are fueling a humanitarian crisis in Tibet and a climate catastrophe worldwide. Tibetans have been devoted stewards of their unique environment for centuries. Their experience protecting grasslands, rivers, forests and mountains would be a great help in saving Tibet's environment and contribute to the World's efforts to contain the ravages of climate change.

However, the Chinese Communist Party excludes Tibetans from environmental policy decisions. Even worse, Tibetans who speak out against the damming and diversion of rivers or rampant logging and mining are constantly being silenced and sentenced to long prison terms. Indeed, this China's destructive environmental policies imperil people far beyond Tibet.

It is a fact that six of the world's major rivers originate in Tibet. Nearly 2 billion people across Asia depend on Tibet's rivers for their water and irrigation. However, massive dams already in place –and dozens more set for construction– enable the Chinese government to turn life-sustaining water into a weapon against people in Tibet and throughout the region.

China's leaders are making a mockery of the UN Climate Change Conference's goal to adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. That's why the Dalai Lama expressed that: "Peace and survival of life on Earth as we know it are threatened by human actions that lack a commitment to humanitarian values".

Concerned people about the environment's health may send to John Kerry the petition shown on the right side of this report hoping that he will convey the facts of this humanitarian crisis in Tibet to the forthcoming climate conference (COP26) this November.

[ You may also contact John Kerry and post the petition on his Facebook page: ]

Those who live in other countries can send a similar request to their country's envoy to this Conference.

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