Slouching Towards Utopia

Slouching towards utopia


Basic Books, 2022
624 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0465019595


An instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller from one of the world’s leading economists, offering a grand narrative of the century that made us richer than ever, yet left us unsatisfied.

Paul Krugman recomends this book that "tells the story of how this unprecedented explosion of material wealth occurred, how it transformed the globe, and why it failed to deliver us to utopia. Of remarkable breadth and ambition, it reveals the last century to have been less a march of progress than a slouch in the right direction."

Written with wit, style and a formidable command of detail, this book places the successes and disasters of the 20th century in their economic context. In doing so, it provides insights into how things have gone wrong in more recent years—and what must go right if catastrophe is to be avoided in the current century.

The strength of this book —as well as its immense scope and depth… is that it’s a work of political economy, braiding the different strands of ideas, Hayek, Polanyi and Keynes…Definitely one to read.

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