Latin American Youth Network for Democracy Launches the #Libérenlos Campaign

As governments in Latin America increasingly utilize arbitrary detention as a means of silencing dissent, the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy (JuventudLAC) launched its new #Libérenlos campaign on June 7, 2018 in Caracas, Venezuela.

The campaign, in collaboration with the World Movement’s #SetThemFree campaign, intends to bring awareness to arbitrarily detained activists by spreading awareness of these political prisoners. Currently, the campaign carries a focus on political prisoners in Venezuela to bring awareness to President Nicolás Maduro’s longstanding repressive policies. Learn more about their campaign.

The Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative & fully support the World Movement for Democracy and the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy in this campaign to protect arbitrarily detained activist and liberate political prisoners in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and other places where human rights are violated.

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