'We never called for hate,' French teen's family tells NNC

  • One of Nahel's relatives says the riots do not honor Nahel's death, and the family wants them to stop.
  • "Don't destroy the schools, don't destroy the buses. It is other mothers who take these buses," Nadia, Nahel's grandmother, told BFMTV.

Vandalism and chaos as a pretext for a fair protestParis, July 2 (BBC).– A relative of the French teenager shot by police has told the BBC the family did not want his death to spark riots, but insisted the law around lethal force at traffic stops must change.

Nahel M was shot point-blank by police after failing to stop for a traffic check last Tuesday.

"We never called for hate or riots," the relative said.

France has seen so far six days of violent rioting.

Speaking to the BBC near the family home in Nanterre, the relative said the rioting - which has seen thousands arrested, shops looted and hundreds of vehicles set alight across France - did not honor Nahel's memory.

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