Israel under fire at the UN

PM Netanyahu facing the UN General AssemblyA few countries have consistently supported Israel's actions in the UN, such as the United States of America and the states of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau all of which are associated states of the U.S. Recently Australia, under the leadership of John Howard, and Canada, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, have also supported Israel at the UN. Many European countries usually adopt a neutral stance, abstaining from the ongoing condemnations of Israel. UN General Assembly condemned Israel (15 Resolutions) more than all other countries combined (13 Resolutions, 6 of them condemning Russian invasion of Ukraine) in 2022.


Who in Europe Is Most and Least Supportive of Israel?


Much like in America, the issue of Israel is a divisive one among European Union political parties. The battle lines are being drawn.

Tel Aviv, May 15.– “It is a right of EU citizens to know how their national parties vote on issues related to Israel,” said Tomas Sandell, founding director of the European Coalition for Israel (ECI). To that end, the ECI marked the Jewish state’s 75th anniversary by conducting a survey of which European Union countries and EU Parliament parties are most and least supportive of Israel.

This information, continued Sandell, “not only contributes to a better and more informative debate, but it also strengthens EU participatory democracy.”

European support by countryThe survey was conducted by examining 71 EU Parliament votes related to Israel between 2019-2022. Country scores are based on how the national parties that make up the EU Parliament factions voted.

So which countries are most supportive of Israel?

Poland tops the list, with its national parties voting in Israel’s favor 60.27 percent of the time in the EU Parliament. Rounding out the top five are ...

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