With the fuel crisis as a trigger, there were 370 protests in Cuba during April

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The Cuban Conflict Observatory shared a report that details how the serious shortage of gasoline "came to add to the rosary of calamities that daily life has become." CUBA - One of many protests in April 2023

Havana, May 1.– The Cuban Conflict Observatory (OCC) organization, which prepares monthly reports on the conflict on the island, registered 370 public protests last April, a month in which the serious shortage of gasoline "forced to suspend" the government parade of the First of May. This is the first time since the triumph of the revolution (1959) that the parade on May 1 has been suspended for economic reasons. In 2020 and 2021 the celebration was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a report released this Monday by the OCC, the fuel crisis "came to add to the rosary of calamities that daily life in Cuba has become."

The report by the OCC, an autonomous project of Cuban civil society supported by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, says that the protests in April are "minimally" less than the 372 registered in March of this year.

In April, he details, protests related to economic and social rights predominated (216, representing 58.4% of the total), while 154 (41.6%) were claims on civil and political rights.

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