NETHERLANDS: the police responded with water cannon to the climate activists who took action to end the use of fossil fuels

Protesters blocked the last part of the A12 main road leading to the parliament in the administrative capital The Hague. Climate activists protest in The Hague

Amsterdam, March 12.– Approximately 3 thousand people gathered with the organization of the group called “Extinction Rebellion”, closed the last part of the A12, which is the entrance of the city, causing traffic disruption on the connection routes.

The demonstrators, who demanded an end to the use of oil, coal and gas, criticized the government’s fossil fuel policy.

The demonstrators, holding banners that read “Plant a tree, stop the fossil” and “There is no planet B”, held a sit-in on the road for a long time.


The police, who warned that the place where the action took place was declared a forbidden zone for the demonstration, started to interfere with the activists 5 hours after the protest started.

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