BOLIVIA: The Government of Luis Arce prepares the army to intervene in Santa Cruz to quell the 11-day strike

  • That department is the economic engine of the country and is on indefinite strike due to the controversy surrounding the census. The MAS strategy could generate violent clashes and the action of the military.
  • Bolivia suspended the export of beef, sugar and soybeans after agrarian protests in Santa Cruz.

Strikers clash with police in Bolivia Santa Cruz, Nov. 1.– The department of Santa Cruz, the largest region and economic engine in Bolivia, completed this Tuesday 11 days of indefinite strike due to the controversy surrounding the coming census in 2023, and overwhelmed by the accumulation of garbage and fuel shortages, amid the siege imposed by official sectors that reject the strike.

The strike promoted by the civic sectors and the "siege" promoted by groups that defend the government of President Luis Arce have Santa Cruz in a critical situation in spite of new requests for dialogue.

In this context, it transpired that the Bolivian Armed Forces were summoned by Arce to participate in the siege of Santa Cruz. The Government seeks violent clashes to justify the action of the army. In this sense, in Santa Cruz, the protesters fear that the MAS shock groups decide to cut off the water and electricity supply.

Luis Arce swore in on Tuesday the new military high command, whom he asked to defend the "legally constituted" government. Meanwhile, violent groups advance from the coca-growing area of ​​Chapare towards Santa Cruz.

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