Only Venezuela has a higher index of corruption than Bolivia in the Americas

The ability of the vast majority of Latin American countries to combat corruption continues to decline, with Venezuela, Bolivia, and Guatemala (in that order) experiencing the most deterioration as a reflection of the fragile state of democracy and lack of political will. The fifth edition of the Capacity to Combat Corruption Index (CCC) is an analytical tool that allows evaluating the capacity of the countries of the region to detect, punish and stop corruption. Countries with the highest scores (Uruguay with the highest ranking) are considered to be the most likely to prosecute and punish corrupt actors.

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Corruption = The "legacy" of Morales and Arce in Bolivia

Institutional devastation and corruption scandals: the dark legacy of MAS in Bolivia.

La Paz, June 28.– Only a few years ago, when Evo Morales was still in power, his government boasted of facts such as that Bolivia ranked first or second in terms of economic growth in the region, or of having one of the most 'guaranteed' constitutions. of rights in the world, but things have changed.

Evo Morales with Luis ArceThis country is in the midst of a crisis and has nothing to brag about or no longer knows how to continue supporting its lies. In any case, if there is room on a podium for the Plurinational State, it is the deterioration of democratic institutions, the proliferation of drug trafficking and, more recently, corruption.

One of the elements that support these statements is the recent publication of the 2023 Capacity Index to Combat Corruption (CCC) by the Council of the Americas and Control Risks, which, at the time of noting that these results "have serious implications for the quality of democracy and economic prospects”, affirms that Venezuela, Bolivia, and Guatemala have the most deteriorated capacity to detect, punish and stop corruption in all of Latin America.

This ranking is headed by Uruguay as the country best able to combat corruption among 15 others analyzed, with a score of 6.99, but it also shows Guatemala at the bottom of the table, with 2.86 points; Bolivia, with 2.56; and Venezuela, with 1.46.

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