A VIEW FROM COLOMBIA: Endorsement and illicit enrichment business

Aníbal Charry González

We do not have democracy, but rather contaminated elections, the product of a perverted electoral political system, with a myriad of parties that act as vulgar electoral companies for individual and group profit, which are not electoral for the proper functioning of an authentic democracy. for the benefit of the collective interest, which is, with very few exceptions, true mafias to put it bluntly as we, unfortunately, have to verify daily, made up of filibusters who have no democratic principles or values, or any other, but only the purpose of assaulting the treasury public in different modalities.

In short, what we have is a false democracy as a substrate for the compromise and the concert to defraud the state, and the same people who are crowing are sovereign in a so-called participatory democracy, where they have no power to reform and give themselves a different destiny to the corruption that emanates as a biblical plague from the so-called political organizations, which care about everything except cultivating the art of good government for the benefit of the society that elects and re-elects them for positions of political representation. This is a result of manipulation and clientelism and of course the corruption that finances the spurious election of rulers so that this bunch of parties without a political compass illegally profits from public funds.

And it just happens that the National Electoral Council recognized legal status to 3 more parties to complete the miscounted 30 and the ranch burning because more legal representations will come in a misunderstanding and pernicious concept of democracy allowed unfortunately by our Constitution with the endorsement of the Constitutional Court, which It is nothing more than an electoral piñata for the granting of guarantees to the highest bidder who has votes, it does not matter if they are clean or from the corrupting sewer, which is without ellipsis the true jewel in the crown of the business for tortious enrichment in an invaded country by corruption, where everything is seen as merchandise for the fulfillment of its crooked ends.

That is why I fully share an article that circulates through the networks authored by Melquisedec Torres, which he aptly titled “It’s not democracy, it’s business“, where he records the enormous costs of all kinds that we Colombians have to assume to have that heap of spurious electoral companies that degenerate and pervert what a genuine democracy should be, making possible this chaos of corruption that has no precedent in the world financed with state money, turning the directors of those infected uncontrolled communities into tyrants, for the management of the lucrative and nauseating business that makes it possible for us to have these mafias falsifying what a true democracy should be. And the most serious thing for this declining country is that there is no possibility of reforming the vile business that is in the hands of a false representative democracy that controls participatory democracy, where the people are eunuchs to give themselves their own reforms. That is why we are condemned for corruption and politicking.

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