CIA Officer Claims Credit for Trump Loss in the midst of Hunter Biden's revealed laptop scandal

  • John Sipher, who served for decades as a senior operations officer at the CIA, had signed a letter in 2020 calling the allegations against Hunter Biden pure disinformation regarding the evidence found in Hunter Biden's laptop.
  • The 51 signatories of that letter refuse to apologize for discrediting the true Hunter Biden story. John Sipher

Washington DC, Apr.2 (– Even now that everything on that laptop is coming to light, John Sipher brags in a recent post on Twitter saying that “I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump”.

On their part, the 51 signatories of the 2020 open letter are former members of the supposed nonpartisan group of top CIA operatives –or top spies– looking out for the best interest of the nation. However, they sowed doubt knowing the material evidence was true. Among them shines the popular figure of CNN pundit and professional journalist James Clapper who signed the letter publicly saying that the laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The letter was at the core of a story from the "Politico" framework that claimed the New York Post story about the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Furthermore, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper claimed The New York Post’s Hunter Biden exposé was “a Russian information operation.” However, while the FBI picked up the computer and a hard drive from the store’s owner, the bureau’s apparent inaction in probing the matter prompted the store owner to pass on a copy of the hard drive to an attorney representing former NewRudy Juliani York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who, in turn, passed it to the New York Post. The computer repair shop owner explained that when no one returned to pick it up, he searched the hard drive and found information that could be incriminating to Hunter Biden and politically damaging to his father. Thus, he called the FBI.

Nowadays, even the Washington Post, which then spread the allegations of disinformation and Russian interference, agrees on the veracity of the material recovered from the laptop. «Thousands of emails purportedly from the laptop computer of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, are authentic communications that can be verified through cryptographic signatures from Google and other technology companies», say two security experts who examined the data at the request of The Washington Post. (

However, the Washington Post keeps sowing doubts: «Among the reasons for the inconclusive findings was sloppy handling of the data, which damaged some records. The experts found the data had been repeatedly accessed and copied by people other than Hunter Biden over nearly three years.» The question is: How could this alleged "sloppy handling" occur under FBI custody?

It is also relevant to note that in a heated "60 Minutes" TV show interview with then-President Donald Trump, CBS journalist Leslie Stahl dared to accuse him to his face of lying and spreading fake information.

In addition, it is important to note that even The New York Times has made the texts and emails on the laptop the subject of discussion again in a recent story. The president’s son remains under investigation for matters related to tax payments and his foreign work, the New York Times reported last week. And that report cites emails that, per the Times, are “from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.

Nevertheless, Twitter and Facebook swung into action since 2020 to cover up the story. Twitter went the furthest, blocking all links to the story from being shared on its platform, and then taking down the New York Post’s account. Facebook also announced they were “reducing its distribution on our platform” while fact-checkers examined whether it was “misinformation.” Joe Biden and his son dining in Beijing

Why all this fuss? Among the many emails revealed, an executive at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma thanked Hunter for the “opportunity to meet your father” in 2015. This coincided with public statements on a TV show in which Joe Biden bragged that he had the "corrupt" prosecutor general of Ukraine fired because of his investigation targeting Burisma. Other emails involved a business venture that Hunter was setting up with a Chinese energy tycoon in 2017. The Chinese energy firm CEFC, over the course of 14 months paid $US4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter and his uncle, James, who is the President’s older brother. One email mentions that the equity split would include “10 held by H for the big guy?” A former business partner of Hunter’s named Tony Bobulinski came forward to claim “the big guy” was Joe Biden. But a subsequent email from Hunter says his “Chairman” gave him “an emphatic no,” and a further email clarifies that the "Chairman" is his dad. This amounts to Joe Biden apparently refusing some deal Hunter tried to enmesh him in, as very risky if uncovered.

Hunter’s emails contained a whole lot of embarrassing and arguably newsworthy material about himself, and the shady foreign business interests of the son of the potential next president –at the time they were circulating– are certainly a worthy topic of open media coverage.

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