Gabriel Boric distanced himself from dictatorships and criticized Russia: 'Today it is Ukraine but tomorrow it could be any of us'

Cumbre EU-CELAC 2023 BrusselsAt the EU-CELAC summit, the president of Chile criticized that the joint declaration is blocked because "some do not want to say that it is the war against Ukraine", in reference to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, which maintain the blockade due to their support for Moscow.

Russia attacked the port of Odesa after refusing to extend the agreement for the export of grain from Ukraine click here

Brussels, Jul.18.– The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, dedicated a few words to the governments that do not condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine in his speech at the European Union-CELAC summit. EU-CELAC 2023 Conference Room

I understand that the joint declaration is blocked today because some do not want to say that it is the war against Ukraine. Dear colleagues, today it is Ukraine but tomorrow it could be any of us," said the Chilean head of state.

In this, we do not doubt for complacency that can be had at one time or another with any leader. It doesn't matter if the president of a country likes or dislikes him. The important thing is respect for international law and international law has clearly been violated here. Not for both parties. On the one hand, which is invasive, which is Russia," he stressed.

Chile's President speaks at the EU-CELAC 2023 summitBoric referred, without explicitly naming them, to the dictatorships of Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba, which maintain the blockade of the declaration of the summit for the war in Ukraine.

The differences regarding the war conflict are generating problems to close the final declaration of the summit between the 27 countries of the European Union (EU) and the 33 of CELAC ...

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