Last minute Report – STATE OF THE WAR IN GAZA

Tel Aviv, Feb.7 (– A three-stage ceasefire plan, spanning 135 days and divided into three 45-day phases, has been suggested by Hamas as a means of ending the war. Map of Gaza

•    During the first phase, 1,500 Palestinian inmates held in Israeli jails must be released in exchange for the release of all women hostages, males under the age of 19, the elderly, and the sick. The second step would see the release of the remaining male captives, and the third phase would involve the exchange of the hostages' bodies and remains.

•    According to a political source who is aware of the specifics of the cease-fire that Hamas has suggested, the group is asking for modifications to the rules governing Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount/Aqsa Mosque complex as well as other requirements pertaining to the evacuation of Israeli Defense Forces from parts of Gaza.

At a press conference, PM Netanyahu called the Hamas proposal "delusional" and that its conditions would "lead to another massacre, and will bring to a great tragedy upon Israel that no one would be willing to accept." 

In an effort to reach a hostage release agreement, fresh negotiations mediated by Qatar and Egypt are scheduled to start in Cairo on Thursday. Saudi Arabia stated that there will be no diplomatic relations with Israel until Israel ceases its "aggression" in the Gaza Strip and an independent Palestinian state is recognized on the 1967 boundaries with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Argentina's President Javier Milei met with PM Netanyahu and told him that Argentina intends to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization, according to the Prime Minister's Office. Milei also met with Foreign Minister Israel Katz in the wake of his announcement Tuesday that he would move Argentina's embassy to Jerusalem.

On the Northern front, the IDF said an air force helicopter attacked Hezbollah military structures in southern Lebanon. During the night, air force jets struck Hezbollah targets after several rockets were launched towards northern Israel. The IDF also responded with artillery towards the source where the rockets were launched.

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