1st Convention of the Future Armenian: Over 200 participants defined their vision of future and unity

CaucasusYerevan, May 20 (ARMENPRESS).– The Future Armenian has recapped its 1st Convention which took place in Yerevan earlier in March.

Over 200 participants from around the world gathered at the Convention.

The Convention of the Future Armenian is based on the internationally recognized and widely used “citizens’ assembly” model of participatory democracy. 200 participants were selected from a pool of pre-registered citizens by a transparent lottery drawing with a representative sampling method to ensure the representation in the Convention of gender, age, and educational groups in society, as well as the participants’ countries and places of residence.

First Convention of the Future ArmenianOn March 10-12, the participants discussed three of the 15 stated goals of the Future Armenian - "Historic Responsibility", "Armenia-Diaspora Unity" and "Growing Population". They then voted for proposed policies and priorities regarding the items.

Summarizing the 1st Convention, Noubar Afeyan, co-Founder of the Future Armenian initiative, highlighted the urgent need to discuss and picture the future ...

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