China Says It Will Hold Supporters of ‘Taiwan Independence’ Criminally Liable for Life

Taiwanese islands near the mainland A top Taiwanese official revealed that Beijing has debated invading islands controlled by Taiwan lying near the mainland.

Taipei, Nov. 5.– China will make those who support “Taiwan independence” criminally liable for life, the country’s Taiwan Affairs Office said on Oct. 5 as the island faces growing pressure from the other side of the strait.

The grim warning on Friday was the first concrete punishment Beijing has spelled out revolving the sovereignty of the democratic ruling island, which Beijing claims as its own and threatens to seize by force if necessary.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the office, China’s highest administrative body overseeing Taiwan-related issues, on Friday also named three Taiwanese officials, Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang, Parliament Speaker You Si-kun, and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, who she labeled as being “stubbornly pro-Taiwan independence.”

The three have been placed on a blacklist banning them and their relatives from entering mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, Zhu said. Companies and entities associated with them will not be allowed to collaborate with mainland organizations or individuals, nor could they seek profits in the mainland, according to Zhu.

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