Imminent invasion of Gaza to uproot HAMAS from the region

  • It is widely expected that Israel’s ground assault on Gaza will begin in the near future.

Israeli tanks amassing at Gaza border Tel Aviv, Oct. 14.– Israel’s war against Hamas has entered its eighth day, a week after the merciless assault by Hamas that left over 1,300 Israelis slain and at least 3,300 wounded. In the Gaza Strip, where 2,215 Palestinians have reportedly been killed since the war began, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are holding hostage more than 150 soldiers and civilians, including foreign nationals.

The U.S. is leading international efforts to organize humanitarian aid to Gaza and the evacuation of the wounded. Israel continues airstrikes as well as trading sporadic fire with Hezbollah forces in the country’s north. 

The New York Times and NBC News reported that the perpetrators of Hamas’ attack last Saturday were equipped with detailed maps and documentation indicating their intention to take over Israeli educational institutions and abduct citizens, including children.

The IDF and Shin Bet announced they killed Hamas Nakba forces commander Ali Kachi, who led one of the attacks on Israel’s border communities. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefly visited two kibbutzim that suffered enormous losses, posed for a few photos, and left shortly afterward. Israeli troops ready at Gaza border

Following previous calls to civilians of northern Gaza to move southwards, away from an intensified Israeli military response, the IDF announced safe passage southwards during Saturday daytime. Palestinian factions have called on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to open the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

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