After the Horror, Israel Must Now Decide the Question of Taking Over Gaza

Gaza Strip mapThe shock from Hamas' assault is beginning to dissipate, but the purpose of Israel's action remains murky, whether it's neutralizing the terror group's military capabilities or toppling the regime – which would require occupying Gaza.

Tel Aviv, Oct.11.– On the fourth day of the war, one can hope that some change is taking shape, stemming partly from a change in Israel’s approach. The shock and paralysis that took hold after the surprise attack by Hamas and its horrific results are apparently beginning to abate.


The Israeli military is mobilizing reserve forces in particularly large numbers, attacking the Gaza Strip incessantly from the air while preparing a possible ground maneuver, on a scale that is still unclear. 

In the north, Hezbollah is testing Israel’s alertness and patience, so far making do with small-scale attacks while possibly waiting to see the intensity of the IDF’s operations in Gaza before deciding on its own

Israel offensive operations against HAMAScourse of action.

The irregular U.S. decision to move an aircraft carrier close to Cyprus may have a deterrent effect. On the political scene, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have to agree to an emergency unity government ...

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