Only EVs by 2030? Really!!

When people started to go electric, they thought it was going to solve all sorts of problems. However, many are finding that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not all they promise. Industries pushing electric cars are not so much concerned with slowing down extreme climate change but with getting us to invest in their products directly (buying EVs) or indirectly (mining, energy plants, etc.). The priority should therefore not be to replace every car with its electric equivalent but rather to rethink mobility in general.

Enthusiasm for Electric Vehicles Is Running on Empty

by Gary Isbell

EV's chargingIf you were naïve enough to believe the dominant media and the extreme environmentalists, you might think that folks are ready to ditch their gas-guzzling cars to buy electric vehicles (EVs). Some inconvenient facts, however, demonstrate otherwise.

One fact is public fatigue over the constant drumbeat of climate alarmists. There seems to be no inconvenient weather event or natural disaster that they do not blame on climate change. The public is rightly skeptical of their doom-and-gloom prognostications and thus reluctant to jump on the EV bandwagon.

Thus, there is a declining market for EVs despite the pervasive propaganda parroting their purported benefits. People are beginning to see through the hype, and the empirical evidence is more convincing than radical utopian agendas.

The Consumer is the First Victim

The honeymoon is over. Electric cars are not performing as promised, cost much more to buy and are difficult to keep charged. Indeed, the nationwide charging infrastructure needed to support their widescale use is nowhere in sight.

The market seems to have reached a saturation point with current EV owners consisting largely of the low-hanging fruit of those committed to an extreme eco-agenda and those who need not travel long distances in vast charger deserts.

These demographics are taking their toll on EV sales, as fewer and fewer are buying into the eco-revolutionaries’ feel-good scenarios. EVs sit idle on countless car lots while gasoline cars sell briskly. Thus, American car buyers are sending a strong and unmistakable message to the auto industry and the Biden administration that they are not buying into the eco-agenda.

Car Dealers Are Put on the Spot

Yet another inconvenient fact is the refusal of car dealerships to join the EV trend. Car dealers have invested heavily in putting these electric marvels on their lots, but now they wonder who will buy them.

Dealers must also deal with customer complaints that unpredictable ...

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