Tunisia: a hopeful model for emerging democracies

Tunisia: a hopeful model for emerging democracies

9 years 2 weeks ago - 9 years 2 weeks ago
“My dream is that young people in Tunisia feel that their country is offering something to them, that they can fully develop in this country so that they do not have to dream of achieving their dreams abroad. Particularly, I am thinking of the next generation. It was my generation that made the revolution, but it will be the next generation that will make our dreams come true.”

These are the words of 26-year-old Ghofran Ounissi from Tunisia. I had the chance to meet the young woman and many more Tunisian people at the Global Forum 2015, which took place in Tunis from 14 to 17 May 2015 and that Democracy International had co-organised.

Actually, I was lucky to encounter all these Tunisian people. In Tunisia today, the unemployment rate is worse than before the Jasmine revolution that began in January 2011. Almost 80 per cent of young people do not have a job. Yet despite of these sobering facts, the hunger, euphoria and drive to continue with the democratic revolution was very impressive. In that sense we want to help Tunisia and the young emerging democracies in the world. As always, Democracy International is grateful for the support received from many democracy loving people all over the World and count on your help. In that way I am sure that Tunisia will continue shifting the tectonic plates.

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