The Hong Konger – Jimmy Lai's story

Jimmy LaiJimmy Lai is in prison in Hong Kong awaiting trial in September. While the outcome of the trial may be a foregone conclusion, Jimmy’s commitment to the cause of freedom and democracy for Hong Kong is an inspiration to all and reminds us that the fight for human freedom is always worth fighting.

Jimmy Lai personifies Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial spirit, and this spirit, coupled with an embrace of freedom, unleashed economic prosperity for Hong Kongers. Jimmy’s native China enjoyed similar prosperity after undertaking an experiment with personal and economic freedoms, lifting an astounding 800 million Chinese out of poverty. Today, however, it’s a different story—and the stakes couldn’t be higher for Jimmy Lai, the citizens of Hong Kong, the people of China, and everyone seeking to be free around the world.

When Hong Kong’s basic freedoms came under attack, newspaper publisher and pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai found himself in the crosshairs of the state and had to choose to defend either Hong Kong’s long-standing liberties or his own freedom. Jimmy chose to stay and fight and was imprisoned for his courage.

Jimmy’s story is one that cannot die in a prison cell—it is one that must reignite a persistent movement to defend the cause of freedom for Hong Kongers, for China as a whole, and for humanity everywhere. This is why we chose to create The Hong Konger.

The Acton Institute is offering "The Hong Konger", a documentary available to all who wish to host a screening (check in here: You may also contact the film's screening manager at to set up a date, time, and location for your event.

Let us all contribute to raising awareness about Jimmy Lai’s extraordinary fight for freedom in Hong Kong.

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