Citizens reminded Evo Morales that seven years ago he lost the referendum for re-election

Various citizen platforms and self-convened populations met this Tuesday at multiple points in the capital of Santa Cruz to remember the date. In El Cristo they staged a rally. El Cristo de Cochabamba

Sta. Cruz, Feb.21.– The commemoration of the seven years of the constitutional referendum of February 21, 2016, which prevented Evo Morales from running for a new re-election for president, various citizen platforms and self-convened population, met this Tuesday in various points of the capital of Santa Cruz and the country to remember the date.

Through various means, a banner was called for this Sunday at Christ the Redeemer to remember the time Evo lost the referendum, a result that he later ignored and decided to resort to instances outside the magna carta to run for president.

On the occasion, the neighbors also addressed President Luis Arce to remind him that this Saturday, February 25, the deadline for the release of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and "all political prisoners" expires, in accordance with what was established by the council held on January 25.

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