VERY IMPORTANT! Participate in support of the historic transparency vote in EU Parliament

Brussels.– On January 31st, Members of the European Parliament will have the chance to significantly enhance transparency in the European Union. This historic vote, if passed, would introduce an amendment to the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure that would require Parliamentarians in special positions to make their meetings with lobbyists public for the first time ever. An absolute majority of 376 votes is required for the rule to pass. With your help, we can put pressure on MEPs to adopt this critical amendment that would transform how transparency in the EU works!

It takes one minute of your time. We are providing you with an email template – simply choose your country and sign the email, and your call will be sent to all MEPs we are targeting in your country!

Write to your MEPs to vote YES for more transparency in the EU

With over 30,000 lobbyists walking the streets of Brussels, publishing meetings with lobbyists online would mean we get a clearer picture of whose interests our representatives really represent. There is already pressure from the European Commission on the European Parliament to conform to greater transparency rules within their own house. And progress was already made last December when the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) of the EU Parliament voted to go forward with the rule. Now, it’s up to the plenary of the EU Parliament, but we need your help to reach as many MEPs as possible.

Let your MEPs know that you demand lobby transparency!

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This campaign is a joint initiative by Democracy International and Lobby Control, and has the full support of the Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative.


Daniela Vancic
European Program Manager
Democracy International  

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