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TEMA: Do the EU parlamentarians keep their promise?

Do the EU parlamentarians keep their promise? 14 Dic 2016 23:50 #9696

Three years ago, we started to campaign for a new democratic convention and a fundamental restart of the European Union. Ahead of the 2014 election for the European Parliament, we asked every candidate to commit to a democratic relaunch of the EU.

Before being elected, 114 Members of EU Parliament pledged to make the EU more democratic. We must now pressure them to commit to their promise during the 2nd half of their term. The EU is in a deep crisis and it can only become closer to the people if the European Parliament takes action. Public pressure makes a difference.

Every sixth member of the new elected European Parliament promised us they would start a constitutional process to democratise Europe. They pledged to build a Europe of the citizens and to engage people in the major decisions that affect their lives.

While half term of their mandate is over and the future of the EU is in danger more than ever, nothing has happened. We now have to remind the EU deputies to commit to their promise.

Sign the open letter to pressure the MEPs to make the EU more democratic

Europe’s crisis of democracy is becoming ever more serious. Decisions are being made behind closed doors. The agenda is set by just a few politically and economically powerful actors. And people are rapidly losing trust in the EU. This is a Europe with no future.

Europe needs to change course. In our open letter, we will ask the European Parliamentarians to renew their promise to start an open dialogue on the future of Europe. The best proposals should then be discussed in a constitutional Convention, and all European citizens must be given the right to vote on the outcome in a pan-European referendum.

Thank you for being an active part of this!

Best wishes,
Andreas Müller (right) and the Team of Democracy International

P.S. Brexit was a wake-up call that the EU cannot continue with business as usual. In 2017, Democracy International will fight harder to make the EU more democratic and closer to the people. We will continue demanding a democratic restart and an EU convention.
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