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TEMA: Brexit. Trump. What's next?

Brexit. Trump. What's next? 12 Nov 2016 20:53 #9644

First Brexit. Now Trump’s election. What’s next? People are clearly fed up with closed-door decisions and distant elite politics. They are using their ballots to fine “those at the top”.

We all now have a major responsibility for Europe and for democracy. Either the EU becomes more democratic, fights for transparency, and ensures social and economic wellbeing for all. Or people will vote for populist, nationalist and racist voices. Europe needs a democratic relaunch now.

Show your support for a democratic EU relaunch

The European Parliament needs to start an open dialogue on the future of Europe. The best proposals for democratic reform of the EU should then be discussed in a Convention. And all European citizens must be given the right to vote on the outcome in a Europe-wide referendum.

Democracy International gave the first 50,000 signatures of the petition to the European Council (watch the video). But not a single Head of State heard our demands. Now we will pressure the European Parliament to launch a constitutional process. We will ensure that everyone is involved in the fundamental discussions that will shape the future.

Sign the petition for a new EU Convention

We cannot let destructive forces tear Europe apart. Together we will fight for the right answer: the answer of an inclusive, participatory, transnational democracy.

In solidarity,

Andreas, Cora, Sophie & Daniel

PS. Major elections are approaching in the Netherlands, France and Germany. After Brexit and the elections in the US, no one will be able to say: “we didn’t know!” Democracy International will continue to fight for more participation, more transparency and a more social democracy.
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