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TEMA: Religious freedom under attack

Religious freedom under attack 30 Jul 2016 16:34 #9491

Apparently it is no longer enough to abide by laws intruding in people's privacy and religious beliefs in the United States, but believers are being punished whenever they express their convictions.

This persecution is not just happening with a barrage of lawsuits and mandatory laws, but it is turning into a practice at the workplace by anti Christian employers. Such is one of the many recent cases where people lose their jobs because of their beliefs, when a Catholic employee at Macy’s was fired from his job for his mere religious beliefs about gender and privacy rights! It is appalling to see how many companies discriminate against Christians for their beliefs — let alone for actions based on those beliefs.

Javier Chavez had worked at Macy’s for 26 years and was a senior store detective with Macy’s Flushing, New York. After responding to a complaint by two customers —a mother and her daughter— about a man using the women’s restroom in the store, Chavez’s superiors told him about Macy’s new policy. Men who identify as women can use the same bathroom as young girls — no questions asked.

Chavez told his superiors that his Catholic faith and the Bible made him believe that this policy was wrong. Still, he said, he would enforce the policy while working. However, that was not enough, and then, based only on his stated opinions and beliefs, Chavez was fired!

“After my employer learned that I was a practicing Catholic, with religious and privacy concerns about this policy, I was terminated because of my religion, in violation of the New York State Human Rights Law,” Chavez states in a complaint to the New York Division of Human Rights.

When Catholic League President Bill Donohue heard about this travesty of justice, he rightfully stated, “Macy’s has no legal, or moral, grounds to stand on.” The most basic religious right in the First Amendment is the right to believe. If Macy’s can fire employees for “merely holding beliefs that are contrary to the store’s policy,” then religious believers everywhere have to hide their faith.

On the other hand, radical transgender advocates are not satisfied with religious dissenters enforcing their biology-denying policy, and this trend is quite distressing because in practice they are also silencing anyone who merely voices disagreement, even for religious reasons.

America was founded on the basic principle that no one should be discriminated against because of his or her religion. It is high time to stand firm against this trend.

This case is only one of several aspects of the trend against religious freedom in the United States. Readers may also be interested in reading "Catholic Church denounces ACLU all-out attack on Christian ethics" where a concerted action against religious freedom led by the ACLU is revealed.
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