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TEMA: Kyrgyzstan Rising: Did Moscow Demolish a U.S. Ally?

Kyrgyzstan Rising: Did Moscow Demolish a U.S. Ally? 08 Abr 2010 08:13 #3067

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empty"/\n\nMembers of the besieged ministry of Kyrgyzstan suspect that Moscow precipitated the mean unrest that has swept the former Soviet republic in Central Asia. Already scores of people have been killed and hundreds more wounded after troops opened energy on protesters, who in turn overpowered the the coppers, stormed and looted control buildings and contrived President Kurmanbek Bakiev to flee the country. On Wednesday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin denied any involvement by way of his country in the turmoil after his Kyrgyz counterpart said that Putin gave the forward-looking to the revolt. But whether or not the Kremlin urged the Kyrgyz opponent to chastise its supporters into the streets, Moscow has a plight to gain and Washington a a ton to give up from the bloody upheaval that has ensued.

Seeking different years, Kyrgyzstan has been stuck in a tug-of-war between the two Bug In disagreement enemies, frequently making the landlocked shape the center of geopolitical strategizing. The Americans sire been pushing to affirm their cherished military obscene in the north of Kyrgyzstan, without which U.S. come up with lines to the about antagonistic in Afghanistan would be significantly hampered. Russia, meanwhile, has lobbied to kick the American military effectively of what it still sees as its station of influence in the territories of the former Soviet Union.
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