“Make your voice heard. Vote” – EP President tells Mini European Assembly
1st Convention of the Future Armenian: Over 200 participants defined their vision of future and unity
A Voice from Gambia – 'Why our voices matter in forthcoming Local Elections!'
Complementary Democracy – The Art of Deliberative Listening
Conference on the Future of Europe: an effort to make it inclusive
COUNCIL OF EUROPE – Launching of a new platform to share experiences of civil participation
Defend Our Democracy civil society movement launches in South Africa encouraging active citizenry
Deliberative Democracy is promising but less engaging than Participatory Democracy
ERS Scotland: Our plans for the years ahead – Reforming Local Democracy
European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) to discuss democratic governance and deliberative democracy
GEORGIA: Council of Europe Regional Academy on participatory democracy organised for Kvemo Kartli municipalities
Getting on ballot in Mass. is a fine example of participatory democracy
I will work to enhance Ghana’s decentralisation process.— President Akufo-Addo
In Defence of Participatory Democracy
Informal exchange of views between Committee of Ministers and civil society representatives on participatory democracy
Is Lebanon a Democracy?
MAINE: Participatory Democracy in Action
New Campaign by The Global Democracy Coalition promoting the voice and value of Democracy
Open Government Partnership (OGP) is growing in Georgia's Caucasus region
Participatory Budgeting = People's Budgeting

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