Horrific Persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China

In 1998 Falun Gong followers numbered some 70 million persons in China. They even had a TV program aired on China's own state-run network watched by over 100 million viewers. Falun Gong was attracting people from all walks of life, from farmers to university professors, from cultural elites to ranking military and police officers. Even family members of the CCP’s central politburo. Facing its growing influence, former CCP leader Jiang Zemin personally planned, launched, and executed control over the campaign to eliminate Falun Gong. Twenty years later the persecution is still ongoing with increasing severity.


Falun Dafa (or Great Law) –also known as Falun Gong– is an ancient Buddhist meditation system made public by Master Li Hongzhi. It is based on the characteristics of the universe - truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It cultivates both mind and body. The main focus of cultivation is on developing virtue by perfecting the quality of one's character, thus lifting the constraints to reaching tranquility and accelerating spiritual progress.

Falun Dafa practitioners do not strike back when hit, nor do they talk back when insulted. But we must speak out to raise awareness about the current persecution that Falun Dafa is subject to in its country of origin - China.

The practice is banned in China although millions of people still cultivate in secret. If found to be cultivating this peaceful, harmless, righteous and compassionate Buddhist practice, the Falun Gong protestChinese government imprisons, tortures and ‘re-educates’ the person according to the Chinese Communist Party ideology. Tens of thousands of innocent people are currently being held in detention camps. Many people and their families have been tortured and killed.

The Chinese people are fearful of speaking out and the world is mostly unaware due to the secretive nature of the Chinese government. The Chinese government has complete control over the media and uses it to disseminate lies and misinformation about Falun Dafa to maintain the persecution. Many world governments know the details of the persecution and human rights violations occurring in China, but they do not raise the issue due to fear of economic repercussion from the arrogant Communist Regime.

We hope that we have clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. We hope that we have strengthened the wisdom and compassion of kind people around the world. We hope that our message has raised awareness of the evil persecution of Falun Dafa. Please send your loving-kindness and righteous thoughts.

David Robertson

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