ERS Scotland: Our plans for the years ahead – Reforming Local Democracy

"Much more can be achieved to build a Scottish democracy fit for the 21st Century"

ERS logo Edinburgh, May 24.– At ERS Scotland we are constantly monitoring the political seas and updating our course to make sure we have the proper heading. Following this year’s local elections, the elections to the Scottish Parliament in 2021, and Westminster in 2019, we wanted to give an idea of what we are looking to achieve in the coming years.

The constitutional question continues to shape the nature of Scottish politics. But, Scotland is also distinct from other parts of the UnitedLack of participation in politics Kingdom in terms of how its democracy functions. While Westminster is elected through First Past the Post, the Scottish Parliament uses proportional representation and local elections have used the Single Transferrable Vote (STV) system since 2007.

In relative terms, Scotland is making progress when it comes to electoral reform. Indeed, we are working with our Welsh colleagues to use Scotland’s experience of STV as an example to aid their campaigning, including with a series of films to be released soon.

Yet much more can, and must, be achieved when it comes to building a Scottish democracy fit for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Reforming Local Democracy

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