Taliban to Stop Afghan Women From Appearing in TV Dramas and Soap Operas

Afghan women before and after Taliban rule Kabul, Nov. 22.– The Taliban has called for an end to Afghan dramas and soap operas featuring female actors.

The rule tops a list of eight religious guidelines issued to local media on Sunday. Anisa Shaheed, one of Afghanistan’s most high-profile journalists, confirmed the directive via her Twitter account.

The reporter for 24/7 news channel Tolonews posted a photo of the document and wrote: “The Taliban’s new restrictions on the media on how to wear the hijab of female journalists, women’s clothing and women’s work, how to broadcast movies and TV series, entertainment programs and how to wear men’s clothing.”

It was the first directive of its kind from the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which was set up by the Taliban in September, shortly after the militant Islamist group reclaimed power in the country.

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