Getting on ballot in Mass. is a fine example of participatory democracy

Citizens meet in electoral caucusRepublican and Democrat voters in cities and towns across Massachusetts gather to select thousands of delegates for each party's election-year conventions.

Boston, May 18.– Any Massachusetts citizen can register to vote and run as an independent. The state convention is a way for grassroots Democrats to determine that a candidate who supports the party’s platform and is serious about a campaign is selected to represent the party.

Each caucus is a couple of hours long and located within the homeward or town of the voter.

It is usually on a weekend morning. Since the Legislature decided that independents could vote in party primaries, there has been no other way for Democrats (or Republicans) to choose a candidate who truly represents their party’s ideals.

Just look at the wide array of candidates in this year’s Democratic convention. Serious candidates are organized for the caucuses.

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