Letter to Senator Patrick Joseph Leahy

Letter to Senator Patrick Joseph Leahy

3 years 2 months ago
January 29, 2021

Dear Senator Leahy,

This letter is long overdue. We met long time ago in Havana City while you were visiting Cuba and I was a Criminal Attorney and representing the Cuban Council (Concilio Cubano) as President of the Independent ecopacifist and dissident group Naturpaz.

I am requesting a formal apology Mr. Leahy. Several years ago, I was a witness of the United States Government against a bunch of traitors, scoundrels, and spies. These five people who later became known as "five heroes" by the communist propaganda of the Cuba's regime. Nevertheless, in fact these five communists were and still are actively supporting the destruction of hope and democracy for alt Cubans. Moreover, some of them were instrumental in the assassination of four innocent people including three American citizens, and one legal resident of our country.

I was shocked for your generous treatment of Mr. Gerardo Hernandez Nordeto. The FBI showed me several transcripts of Mr. Hernandez Nordelo were he confessed to try to destroy and infiltrate my peaceful and ecological independent movement, and he enthusiastically used the word "kill it" to describe what the Cuban Security forces must do with my pro-democratic actions inside Cuba. Mr. Hernandez Nordelo also called me names and accused me of being a "poet".

I wonder if you are aware that M. Hernandez Nordelo was selected as head of the Revolutionary Defense Committees. Therefore, he was the main responsibility in spying on millions of Cubans daily lives through the entire country to stop them from expressing support to independent pro-democracy voices as the "Saint Isidro" artistic and intellectual movement. Later, he was selected as part of the Cuban State Council thanks to his upmost loyalty to a vile totalitarian clique which is depriving Cuba of a better destiny.

It hurt me reading Mr. Hernandez Nordelo complacency in your offer to baptize the child you helped him sired from inside federal prison. I missed such a luxury when my wife had mine back in Lansing, Michigan. We were alone, working two jobs, learning English after being coerced out of homeland because of exercising our freedoms in democratic event of Concilio Cubano.

I am a member of your Party, sir. I have been a Democrat since I became a citizen in this beautiful country of ours.

You are going to preside on a very important historical event in our common history. Before you start to listen about potential treasonous acts against our legally elected leaders. I would like to beg you for a formal apology, if not to me, at least to those families of the real heroes who were murdered on international waters trying to support democracy for all Cubans.

I am in close contact with the family of Mario Manuel de la Pena, the youngest American assassinated on
February 24th. 1996. The parent's names are Mario de la Pena y Miriam de la Pena. I would be more than happy to provide you with their phone number in case you decide to make that call. I am pretty sure they would be more than pleased to notify your apologies to the rest of the families.

Please let me know.
Leo M. Almagro.
Public Defender Vero Beach
1 9 Judicial Circuit
Phone 772-226-3340/direct 772-226-3350
Fax 772-778-6350
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