Strict electoral accountability standards are needed in the US

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Strict electoral accountability standards are needed in the US

5 months 4 weeks ago
Studies conducted on the potential for electoral fraud due to the very permissive rules of absentee voting and third-party vote "harvesting" require much stricter rules to be established in future elections in the United States.

The Heritage Foundation is now conducting a study that documents several instances of voter fraud across multiple American communities and demonstrates how illegal action has caused the results of at least twelve races to be overturned.

Abuse of the system can occasionally be organized and carried out with precision. Case studies show that some perpetrators exploit the elderly, the mentally ill, and the homeless in order to gain votes for favored candidates through these practices.

Heritage's findings were reinforced by a Rasmussen Reports and Heartland Institute survey of 1,285 likely voters published in December 2023.

The survey found that 21% of those who voted absentee or by mail in 2020 admitted to filling out a ballot for someone else, which is illegal.

Of the 30% who said they voted by mail or absentee in 2020, 19% said a friend or family member filled out their ballot on their behalf. One-fifth said they signed a ballot or ballot envelope “on behalf of a friend or family member, with or without their permission,” according to the survey results.

Of those who voted by mail in 2020, 17% said they voted in a state where they are no longer a permanent resident, which is illegal.

Among the 1,285 voters surveyed, 8% said a friend, family member, political party or organization offered to "pay or reward them for voting for a candidate in the 2020 election," according to the survey.

It is unfortunate that the manner in which the 2020 election process was managed led many US citizens to lose faith in its transparency and gave the impression that President Biden's victory was not legitimate, even though there is not enough proof to support this theory. This is very unfortunate due to the magnitude of those who question the results of those elections, according to two recent surveys, one carried out by the Washington Post/University of Maryland at the end of 2023 and another carried out by CNN at the beginning of the year, in which Between 36% and 38% of citizens surveyed believe that President Joe Biden's election was illegitimate.

All proven irregularities are a crime that must be punished and strict identification rules must be established to avoid them, also restricting absentee voting to those who can justify that need. Regaining the trust of a substantial percentage of voters requires doing this. For the democratic system to work properly, such trust is necessary.

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