The Democrats' Dilemma

The Democrats' Dilemma

2 years 9 months ago
The Democrats must be terrified. They should be. As Earnest Hemingway said of bankruptcy, the collapse of Afghanistan happened slowly, and then suddenly. This is a description of the likely fate of President Biden’s administration, which before America’s route in Afghanistan was already threatened by what looked to be an unbridgeable divide within the party between the so-called moderates (liberals believe everything is relative, after all) and the highly regressive progressives. Trapped between a senile and incompetent president and a nearly universally disliked vice-president, they find themselves bereft of a feasible means of escape from their dreadful situation. Impeach Joe Biden for his startling incompetence as the leader of his country, the Commander-in-chief of the American armed forces, and the head of the Democratic Party, and they will find Kamala Harris draped around their shoulders, a large, limp,  and very dead duck. Deploy the 25thAmendment, and they get the same result. Rid themselves of Biden, try to make the most of Harris, and discover that there is no most to make of, and they lose not only the midterm election next year but the presidential one in 2024. “I’m coming for you, baby,” Biden told Harris almost exactly one year ago. Instead, she came for him—and he got her, good and hard.

It is almost unfair that the President and his entire administration are being excoriated internationally for the fall of Kabul and the subsequent chaos of the past few days, since his decision to end the Afghan war and withdraw the troops after two decades was absolutely the correct one, despite its deplorably thoughtless and incompetent execution. But not quite, as in politics, any stick serves to beat a failed politician with, and Joe Biden is a failed politician in every respect save his success in getting himself elected and reelected to one office or another for the past fifty-two years. So, while it is discomfiting to find conservative commentators and Republican politicians who supported President Trump’s policy of leaving Afghanistan this year attacking President Biden for doing what his predecessor always intended—very publicly—to do, the sordid realities of politics make it necessary for them to do that exactly that. After six months in the Oval Office, Biden is well along in his—and his party’s and his appointees’—program for deconstructing and destroying the United States by opening the borders, inflating the economy, condoning rioting, looting, and destruction of property, and encouraging racial hatred and division. He must be stopped as quickly as possible; and if joining with the Democrats, the left, and foreign governments in expressing outrage and contempt for his latest actions—or lack of such—can stymie him and hasten his political demise, here is a case where Machiavelli (as so often) has something of value to tell us.

After only six months of Bidenism, Americans and the world beyond America have learned that the foreign policy of the United States Government is as much a shambles as its domestic policy is. The uproar yesterday in the British Parliament condemning Biden’s “betrayal” of Afghanistan was at least fifty percent hypocritical theatrics (why must the United Kingdom withdraw from the graveyard of empires, whence by the way it withdrew twice in the 19th century, because the U.S. is going?), but the MPs are surely right in concluding that America’s international reputation may have been irreparably damaged, and the President’s also.  Indeed, it seems impossible that anyone, at home or abroad, will ever take Joe Biden, or anything he says, seriously again; nor, consequently, will anyone ever trust him in future.

It seems probable after this week that the Democrats will be quietly concentrating on ridding themselves of him and at least parts of his embarrassing administration at the earliest possible opportunity. When that opportunity might come, and what the results of his departure might be, are unforeseeable, but there is every reason to assume that an administrative coup is presently under consideration.

The Democrats cannot afford to do otherwise.

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Re: The Democrats' Dilemma

2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago
All the American strengths and ideals around the world just follows the chief's head; using the same graphical words of the author, Biden itself is slowly collapsing until he suddenly fall. Tragically it does not depend upon him (the falling). And that explain why the militar and moral disaster in Kabul is not so scandalous as it should, in normal circumstances. In such a way that sometimes I think this is not an accident or a result of some stupid order or the mere acquiescence of the militar and intelligence big-bosses. It is better to have all the possibilities on the table, and not consider as a paranoia the searching for a kind of global and inner conspiracy from some Puppeteer. Made up of several parts itself, some of them well visible nowadays, some of them speaking mandarin or googlerian or any of the nice & inclusive dialects around. As Will Cuppy wrote, it is the decline and fall of practically everybody; but seriously this time, in a huge scale. Everybody except... you know. It is so clear to me the way we arrive here... So, Biden is just a kind of symptom; and we must, we should, see behind and beyond him.

I don't think Kamala is a better option at all: she will not cuts any strings, on the contrary. Although she seems to be a good option for democrats. She is what the democrats and its allies has injected to the majority of people in university camps, mass media, collectives and NGOs, and in many local and federal instances, so the new narrative she will feed can be benefit, unproductive but politically appropriate in the kind of society that we majority are living on nowadays. She is not a black (which is that really matters, not if she is Indian or black or whatever); sadly she is not a trans or lesbian (I think), she do not identify herself (I think) with some strange unnatural pronoun but hey at least she is a woman. Here we have a black empowered woman that oh my gosh is not catholic. Looks like a perfect democrat replacement once needed.

As always, future depends on how awake we the present people are. How dispose we are to fight for our natural and fundamental rights,  that are being crashed everywhere. Look at some such call "democratic" countries like Australia, France, Canada, Germany... these days (with the excuse of a pandemic not so much mortal than the old flu); looks America. Tell me if these are not the usual socialist way of build the utopia, a brand new world where a power elite rules and the rest obey. In such a context, do you think that dictators or politicians near the socialists (nowadays lovers of communism and globalism) are really in trouble? Be happy or awake! That's the real dilemma.
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