Justice has been served in Minneapolis but justice is under siege in America

Justice has been served in Minneapolis but justice is under siege in America

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The wave of violence experienced by many cities in the United States, but especially the "twin cities" of Minneapolis and St. Louis, caused by organized mobs with the obvious purpose of destabilizing society and order in a strategy aimed at bringing about revolutionary changes in the country, has gone to such extremes that the National Guard has been forced to deploy to counter the insurrection.

In part, this is due to the irresponsibility of municipal and state authorities, as in the cases of Minneapolis, Portland, and other cities that were shaken by the aggressiveness of these mobs, as well as the tacit support and, sometimes, even explicit statements from congressmen and even the President of the country, who condone whatever is happening with their permissive actions and their praises of so-called "peaceful protesters" who are far from being peaceful. It is very sad to see how elected leaders are generalizing in their condemnation of the police forces, accusing them of brutality and abuse, and thus causing a serious decrease of the authority and motivation to control the chaos that is essential for the proper functioning of those same police forces.

Meanwhile, the homicidal police brutality case involving officer Derek Chauvin has run its legal course and Jurors in downtown Minneapolis heard competing arguments Monday morning after a long trial and they already gave their verdict. According to the circumstances of the case, Derek Chauvin's guilt was evident and justice prevailed.

However, it has been regrettable and shameful to contemplate the atmosphere of lynching that has prevailed since the accused was arrested and put on trial. In a civilized country where the rule of law reigns, a defendant is NOT tried in the public square, nor are jurors publicly threatened with reprisals if they do not properly fulfill their duty according to the rioter's judgment. Nor is the attack on businesses, patrol cars, and even police stations justified on the pretext of an alleged outrage "because justice is not being done."

These riots and assaults only serve to feed the arguments of Derek's lawyers to demand that a mistrial be ruled or to take the case to an appeals court. They also serve to widen the racial divide that these rioters are causing in a country where racism had been relegated as a nightmare of the past.

Under these circumstances, the electoral politicking we are witnessing nowadays is a shameful strategy that can lead the country to ruin in an atmosphere of divisiveness and hatred by promoting new episodes of street violence and public lynching of law enforcement officers each time they are involved in incidents that unfortunately may result in the death of other citizens. The public lynching will continue to argue about the racial nature of the incident and will seek to condemn in advance those who are presumed innocent until proven guilty for their actions before the courts as many times as they might be indicted because the prosecutors consider that there are enough indications of guilt. 
That is precisely what is happening right now in a new case of violence and the resulting police reaction in the death of a woman threatening to kill another woman with a knife in Columbus, Ohio. The problem is that in the face of the vociferous mob and the chaos they are capable of causing by taking advantage of a politically motivated vacuum of authority, both prosecutors and jurors in this and all future cases may decide to take the easy path of bowing to the demands of the rioters.

These trials will then be nothing more than a travesty of justice.
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