Is this the end of the European Union?

Is this the end of the European Union?

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago
I have to admit: I am quite nervous. Early tomorrow morning I fly to London to observe what is happening there ahead of the “Brexit” referendum on 23 June. These days will be exciting: how will the atmosphere be in the city? Which side of the campaign will win the vote – leave or remain in the EU? How do the British people feel about taking such an important decision that will affect the whole of Europe?

It is not only me that is nervous these days. Politicians from all across Europe are looking anxiously to Great Britain. For them this is a wake-up call. They have realised that citizens are not satisfied with the European Union as it is. People feel excluded. If Brexit really happens, might that even be the end of the political Union?

For Democracy International it is clear: regardless of what the British decide on 23 June, the EU needs more democracy, transparency and public participation. Democracy International has been working towards this goal for years. Now the moment has come to demand a real democratisation of the EU. Things just cannot continue “business as usual”. We European citizens need a European Union that we can support and identify with, we want our voices to be heard, we want to help shape the future of Europe.

My request to you: raise your voice for more democracy in the EU. We will not tolerate that politicians silence the debate and ignore people’s demands for real change. Please sign our petition for a democratic Europe now.

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Re: Is this the end of the European Union?

7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago
Thanks to the support many of you gave to this initiative, we’ve reached 50,000 signatures from people demanding a democratic relaunch of Europe. We must continue to fight, but with every additional signature we will become more representative of the society that is tired of the opacity of EU politics.

What is the next step?

We will hand the signatures of our petition to the heads of state and the representatives of the EU on 16 September. They will be meeting in Slovakia to discuss the future of the European Union following Brexit. We will tell them that such fundamental discussions that affect us all should not take place behind closed doors. We want them to initiate an EU Convention to open up a debate that includes all European citizens and to implement urgent reforms (according to Art. 48 of the EU-Treaty).

What can you do?

We already have 50,000 signatures, but we need to collect many more by 16 September to make sure our voices will not be ignored. Please share the petition on facebook, twitter and email. The more we are, the stronger our call will be.

P.S. Brexit has put Europe into its deepest crisis, but it is also a wakeup call for change. We cannot miss this one chance to save Europe from breaking apart. Please support our struggle to strengthen democracy in the EU with a small donation.
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