Privacy Policy

The websites and, as well as other domains registered by us belong to a non-profit group ( dedicated to promote democratic ideas and concepts and advocate universal respect for human rights.   

We are totally committed to protecting your privacy. This is a summary of the various ways we treat the information you provide us while visiting our Web site and/or receiving our mailings.

It has been our policy, since our group was founded in 2004, to never sell personally identifying information about our members and friends. does not collect personally identifying information, except with your specific knowledge and consent.

We never sell or offer contact information about our visitors to others. There's no need to send us an "opt out" message to prevent your name from appearing on a million mailing lists.   However, you may always write us a note asking us to remove your E-Mail address from our mailing lists (see below).

If you've been spammed by e-mail, and you think '' or '' did it, please read this:

We did not spam you. ‘' and ‘’ are legitimate domains of, a non-profit organization. We did not send the spam, nor was it relayed through our site. has no connection to the outfits which spammed you.

Although the sender may have used "" or “” in his spam, take a look at the message header. It will clearly show that our domain (IP address: was not involved in the transmission of the spam in any way. The spammer(s) use different IP addresses; some are in the "" range (which points to someone in the AT&T dial-in network) or the "" range (somewhere in the IBM Global Services network). IP addresses are very difficult to forge in e-mail... However, domain names are easy to forge.

A check of their domain via WHOIS (  or via a Website such as will confirm this.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy, please write us a note at our contact page.  We welcome your feedback.

You may also write us a letter to:
2150 SW 123 AVE
Miami, FL 33175-1199

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