Democracy as a participatory concept

This site strives to promote a forum on democratic participation open to all who have an interest in developing participatory democracy as the ultimate goal of the human quest for an authentic people's government.
"The tragedy of modern democracies is that they have not been able themselves to become truly democratic", asserted Jacques Maritain over 50 years ago.

That is the truth even today, but it is also true that the main virtue of this tool of government is its natural ability to evolve toward perfection. Such democratic evolution points beyond parliamentarism to ever greater degrees of citizen's participation within a system sustained by freedom and mutual respect, the two authentic pillars of true democracy. However, participatory (or participative) democracy still remains at the theoretical stages. No country dared yet to initiate the necessary political changes required to transcend existing representative democracies.

This cybernetic site provides an ideal tool to spread information, ideas and projects that would contribute to push wide open the doors to democratic systems of government conceived with all and for the good of all.

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