Tormented Chinese Doctor Recounts Live Organ Harvesting


Sept.7.– Reports of surgeons-turned-executioners in China are nothing new. But it’s the first time a Chinese doctor is stepping forward with his real name to tell a deeply Dr. Zheng Zhipersonal narrative, accompanied by profound horror.

Zheng Zhi, a then-resident doctor at one of China’s largest military hospitals, recounted how he witnessed a man’s kidneys and eyes being carved out for transplant—while he was still alive. Now, he’s shedding light on the horrifying forced organ harvesting industry in China.

The soldier on the other side ordered me to take one of his eyeballs, and the nurse handed me a hemostat. I really couldn’t stand it, and I said ‘I can’t do it, I can’t,'” Dr. Zheng said.

The horror he witnessed took place in 1994 inside a van guarded by armed soldiers and staffed with five surgeons and nurses. He thought they were on a “secret military mission” near a prison around China’s northeastern Dalian city.

Protest against organ harvesting in ChinaBut what followed has stayed with him for decades.

I looked at him, he was looking right at me. This man at my feet [during the operation], he was really looking at me, his eyes were moving.”

Dr. Zheng says the man was no more than 18 years old. Carried into the van by four soldiers ...

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