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Dos militares franceses mueren en Burkina Faso al liberar a cuatro rehenes

The hostages are two French tourists, one American and one South Korean who had disappeared on the 1st of May. Macron congratulated the Army and paid tribute to Comandos de la armada francesa Cédric de Pierrepont (izq.) y Alain Bertoncello (der) que dieron sus vidas por rescatar a los rehenes.the heroes who gave their lives for the victims.

Uagadugú, Mayo 10.– France's military has freed four hostages who were being held in Burkina Faso. But as it announced that success, the Navy also said it's mourning two special forces soldiers who died in the overnight rescue operation.

The military says Cédric de Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello, who held the rank of petty officers, were killed as they carried out their mission to rescue the hostages in the vast Sahel region — the area between the Sahara to the north and savannas to the south.

French President Emmanuel Macron issued a statement Friday offering his condolences to the two commandos' loved ones. In that message, Macron also identified the rescued hostages as French tourists Patrick Picque and Laurent Lassimouillas — who were abducted May 1 in Benin.

French officials said the other two hostages were an American woman and a South Korean woman. Macron's statement did not name the hostages' abductors ...

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