People must act: The latest on Net Neutrality

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Feb. 27 (DP.net).– Early last year we sound a warning bell about the real danger of losing WEB neutrality as a result of the huge blow dealt by the FCC when it passed new rules against the open Internet Americans have enjoyed since its inception. For this purpose we published in January 2018 a campaign to collect signatures sponsored by Consumer Union that was quite successful but it was not enough to stop that nonsense (read it HERE).

However, a year after net neutrality was repealed, Americans finally have some momentum in the fight to keep the Internet free.

It is critical that all Americans continue to call for major protections that will make sure all content is treated equally and keep the Internet fast, FREE and fair for everyone. Small businesses, consumers and non-profits could still suffer massive impacts resulting from such unfair rules.

Here’s the need-to-know cheat sheet on what’s happened since the landmark changes in December 2017:

Bottom line? With a high profile lawsuit backed by nearly half the states and Republicans and Democrats alike advocating for change, it’s still possible we will see full restoration of Net Neutrality.

The biggest risk is that people are prone to forget about the issue or that Congress will cook a watered-down concoction bill that doesn’t deliver the common-sense protections Internet users need and are entitled to.

We promt readers to keep advocating for the internet to stay free! We urge everyone to lend their support now to the new campaign to collect signatures sponsored by Change.org. Action is needed!  

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