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Drop the fantasy – Falling into an Orwellian world

  • Korea JoongAng Daily
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Massive schemes of thought control are proving to be effective.  

Oct 13,2017.– This past month, America’s Public Broadcasting Service has been showing Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Vietnam War,” in which a retired North Vietnamese officer explains, “The South was more democratic than the North. They could ask many questions. We could ask only a few. Asking only a few questions is needed to win a war.”

Looking back a hundred thousand years, consider what Yuval Noah Harari, in his global best seller, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind,” points out as Homo sapiens’ most important invention: group fiction. Like all great primates, the largest cohesive group of individuals numbers roughly between 15 and 20 animals. Beyond that number, the other individuals are considered to be alien. However, early Homo sapiens came up with fictions that unified small groups into being larger groups, under the fiction of a clan, then being part of a tribe and eventually on up to belonging to a nation state.

In the process, argues Prof. Harari, other fictions such as money, religion, ethics, law were created and accepted, when in fact there is nothing more to these fictions than widespread trust that other humans acknowledge these countless fictions as being valid.

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Doxware: Ransomware evolution or merely media hype?

  • Emisoft
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The world of ransomware continues to evolve, finding clever new ways to extort victims for higher sums of money. Case in point? Doxware. This spin on ransomware not only holds your personal information for ransom but also threatens to publish identifiable details online. Imagine if someone made your name, address and private chat conversations public if you refused to pay a ransom. Scary right?

In this blog post we will explore doxing, and how ransomware criminals are turning to this morally dubious practice to extort higher ransoms. Netflix and Larson Studios are learning about doxing the hard way. Don’t be the next victim. Stick around and stay ahead of malware criminals.

But before we dive into the ins and outs of doxware, let’s start at the beginning…

What is doxing?

Doxing or doxxing derives from the word “docs” (documents). It refers to the act of exposing someone publicly by means of posting private conversations and identifiable details such as phone numbers or a physical address online. It is commonly associated with internet harassment and usually conducted with malicious intent.

Sideways Dictionary offers a fitting analogy:

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El nuevo navegador Opera integra WhatsApp, Telegram y Messenger con mayor seguridad

  • La Vanguardia
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También se ha introducido tecnología VPN que mejora nuestra privacidad, sobre todo en redes wifi públicas.

Navegadores más populares Mayo 11.─ Opera ha sido siempre una rara avis en el mundo de los navegadores. Siempre por detrás en número de usuarios que los productos de Google, Apple, Microsoft o Firefox, su software para navegar por internet sin embargo suele ofrecer prestaciones, y en ocasiones un rendimiento, superior al de la competencia. La última versión de Opera, llamada Reborn, parece querer ganarse al público integrando WhatsApp, Telegram y Messenger.

Aunque esto es relativamente fácil hacerlo con otros navegadores, el acceso a las pestañas de chats es mucho más sencillo con Opera. Pues permite mostrarlas en un lateral, pudiendo mostrarlas u ocultarlas con gran facilidad. Además es bastante sencillo enviar imágenes por WhatsApp o Messenger, basta con arrastrar una imagen del sistema a la pestaña del chat para enviarla.

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