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Russian troops in full retreat on Ukraine's war

«There are good reasons to question the Russian armed forces’ ability to seize and hold the portions of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts that it does not currently control», reports the Institute for the Study of War with HQ in Washington, DC. Ukraine war zones Apr.10

Washington DC, Apr. 9.– We assess that the Russian military will struggle to amass a large and combat-capable force of mechanized units to operate in Donbas within the next few months. Russia will likely continue to throw badly damaged and partially reconstituted units piecemeal into offensive operations that make limited gains at great cost. The Russians likely will make gains nevertheless and may either trap or wear down Ukrainian forces enough to secure much of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, but it is at least equally likely that these Russian offensives will culminate before reaching their objectives, as similar Russian operations have done.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) reported on April 8 that the Russian armed forces have lost 15-20 percent of the “combat power” they had arrayed against Ukraine before the invasion. This statement is somewhat (unintentionally) misleading because it uses the phrase “combat power” loosely. The US DoD statements about Russian “combat power” appear to refer to the percentage of troops mobilized for the invasion that is still in principle available for fighting—that is, that are still alive, not badly injured, and with their units. But “combat power” means much more than that.

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CIA Officer Claims Credit for Trump Loss in the midst of Hunter Biden's revealed laptop scandal

  • John Sipher, who served for decades as a senior operations officer at the CIA, had signed a letter in 2020 calling the allegations against Hunter Biden pure disinformation regarding the evidence found in Hunter Biden's laptop.
  • The 51 signatories of that letter refuse to apologize for discrediting the true Hunter Biden story. John SipherJohn Sipher

Washington DC, Apr.2 (– Even now that everything on that laptop is coming to light, John Sipher brags in a recent post on Twitter saying that “I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump”.

On their part, the 51 signatories of the 2020 open letter are former members of the supposed nonpartisan group of top CIA operatives –or top spies– looking out for the best interest of the nation. However, they sowed doubt knowing the material evidence was true. Among them shines the popular figure of CNN pundit and professional journalist James Clapper who signed the letter publicly saying that the laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The letter was at the core of a story from the "Politico" framework that claimed the New York Post story about the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Furthermore, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper claimed The New York Post’s Hunter Biden exposé was “a Russian information operation.” However, while the FBI picked up the computer and a hard drive from the store’s owner, the bureau’s apparent inaction in probing the matter prompted the store owner to pass on a copy of the hard drive to an attorney representing former NewRudy JulianiRudy Juliani York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who, in turn, passed it to the New York Post. The computer repair shop owner explained that when no one returned to pick it up, he searched the hard drive and found information that could be incriminating to Hunter Biden and politically damaging to his father. Thus, he called the FBI.

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Hunter Biden's laptop contents have finally been verified

Previous claims that this scandal was pure Russian disinformation aimed at influencing the 2016 presidential election were false.

Politico report on Hunter Biden's laptop New York, Mar. 27 (– Hunter Biden's laptop contents were so effectively buried by accusations of disinformation and social media bans that it became synonymous with the power of the "new truth regulating bureaucracy". However, it turns out, as The New York Times now acknowledges, that the original reporting silenced by the fact-checkers was accurate. What was it about again? Indeed, it all had to do with the concealment of the evidence of corrupt business dealings involving then-candidate Joe Biden, his family, and a Ukrainian energy company being investigated by Victor Shokin who was then the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General. That company is Burisma Holdings Limited, and it is also important to note that Mitt Romney's national security adviser in his 2012 campaign —Joseph Cofer Black, a career CIA agent who rose to its top levels— sits on the board of directors of Burisma.

This is what the much-quoted, recommended, and trusted stated on October 19, 2020: «Hunter Biden story is Russian disinformation, dozens of former intelligence officials say. More than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter casting doubt on the provenance of a New York Post story on the former Vice President's son

In the meantime, at Meta —the parent company of Facebook and Instagram— any content they unilaterally flagged as false or misleading was downgraded and continues to be downgraded in the platform’s algorithms, so fewer people will see it. Google and Twitter are using similar rules to bury posts.

Let's remember that on April 12, 2019, Hunter Biden took his damaged laptop to a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware.

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President Iohannis (Romania) welcomes Polish counterpart Duda

Romania and Poland firmly supporting the integration of the Rep. of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia into the EU President Klaus Iohannis meets Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Bucharest, Mar. 22.– Romania and Poland strongly support the integration of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia into the European Union, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday, after a meeting with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda.

“Romania and Poland strongly support the integration of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia into the European Union, and we will continue to work to make this goal a reality,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Palace.

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Protesters gather on Parliament Hill to show solidarity with Ukraine, others oppose COVID-19 mandates

Just outside the Parliament gates, another batch of protesters waved Canadian flags and bellowed the Canadian national anthem. They were voicing their displeasure with COVID-19 mandates.

Two sets of protests fighting for different causes gathered on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill on Sunday, March 6.Russian women oppose Putin and his war in Ukraine at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. 22/03/06. File © ParticipatoryDemocracy.netRussian women oppose Putin and his war in Ukraine at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. 22/03/06. File ©

Dozens of demonstrators waving the yellow and blue flags of Ukraine convened in downtown Ottawa for a solidarity rally to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

They held up signs like “No War” and “I Stand with Ukraine.” Another read “Putin, Hands Off Ukraine.” The protest was organized by the Ottawa chapter of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), the same group that organized last weekend’s march from the Russian embassy to city hall that drew several hundred people.

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