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Turkey rounds up Erdogan 'rivals'

  • Turkish police detains supporters of Erdogan rival Gulen in raids
  • 44 people have been arrested 'suspected' of having links to an exiled Islamic cleric accused of seeking to overthrow the government  Gulen (l) vs Erdogan (r)Gulen (l) vs Erdogan (r)

Ankara, Nov.4.─ Top bureaucrats and police officers were among those held in a crackdown on supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the state-run Anadolu agency said.

Mr Gulen is a rival of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose AK party regained its majority in Sunday's election.

European observers said violence and media restrictions marred the polls.

On Tuesday, left-wing magazine Nokta said two of its editors had been charged with plotting a coup in the government's latest move against opposition media outlets.

Cevheri Guven and Murat Capan were arrested over a magazine cover criticising the election results that read: "The start of civil war in Turkey" ...

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