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US intelligence leak: what do we know about ‘top secret’ documents?

US Pentagon


Everything that is known about images said to be classified.

Pentagon documents circulating on social media. What does the leak involve?

London, Apr.11.– The leak involves what appear to be classified US intelligence documents – some top secret – a number of which relate to the war in Ukraine. Others give indications of how widely the US has compromised Russian decision-making, while others contain material derived from spying on allies.

Unlike other recent leaks – including material released by NSA contractor Edward Snowden and former US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning – the files appear to be hard copies of what appear to be briefing materials and slides.

Images said to be classified US intelligence documents began popping up on social media US Military headsservers associated with the gaming community – including on a section of the instant messaging platform Discord that hosted debates about Ukraine.

An as yet unidentified poster first began sharing the material by typing it out with the poster’s own thoughts, then, as of a few months ago, posting photographs of the documents, some lying on top of a hunting magazine.

The photographed papers had folds in them ...

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