Israeli military surprised at how the war in Ukraine is going

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A month after Russia invaded, Moscow has yes to achieve its goals.

A month into Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine, Israel’s military is surprised about what they are seeing.

Comparing it to “a war of the past,” senior military officers have said that while Russia has deployed a large number of troops to its neighboring country and a large number of military platforms, they have yet to make use of any of their advancedRussian Helicopter Mil Mi-28NE. Image under license CCA. Attribution:  Anna ZverevaRussian Helicopter Mil Mi-28NE. Image under license CCA. Attribution: Anna Zvereva weaponry.

Over 12,000 Russian troops are said to have either been killed or injured so far and Ukraine claims to have destroyed at least 49 fighter jets, 81 helicopters, 335 tanks, 1,105 armored vehicles, 123 artillery systems and more.

Despite spending millions on its military, Russian forces have used a large amount of indirect fire and dumb bombs similar to those used in the 20th century fired from truck-mounted launchers instead of precision missiles against Ukrainian targets.

Due in part to poor weather and poor visibility, Russian planes and helicopters have needed to fly low to the ground in order to drop their munitions, placing them at risk of being hit by anti-aircraft systems or even shoulder-fired anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) used en mass by Kyiv.

A month into the conflict, the IDF is surprised that the air over Ukraine is still contested. Despite far overpowering Ukraine’s air force even before the war, Moscow has been unable to gain any sort of aerial superiority with Ukrainian pilots still flying several sorties a day against their enemy.

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