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Elida Dakoli, persecuted in Communist Albania, warns against Socialism in the US

She points out that, despite the fact that Karl Marx clearly revealed in his “Manifesto of the Communist Party” that socialism is the first step toward communism, alarmingly, socialism among the younger generation is turning into a trend these days.

“Remember, socialism is a cover-up for communism … They want control, and the only way to that is by brainwashing this Amazon generation. Don’t fall for it!”

Dr. Elida Dakoli
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Pianist Elida Dakoli




Dallas, Dec. 9.– Dr. Elida Dakoli is an accomplished pianist who has played on some of the world’s grandest stages. She holds a prestigious degree and teaches at a respected college in Texas. She is also a founder and the first chairperson of a victims’ rights advocacy group.

For all her success, it nearly never happened. Dr. Dakoli grew up in Albania during that country’s dangerous 40-year experiment with Communism.

Dr. Dakoli grew up knowing very little about her family history. It wasn’t until years later that she learned her great-grandfather, Hysen Myshketa, was a founding member of the National Council and was killed by Communist assassins.

He was shot in the streets, then poisoned to death while in the hospital. His involvement with pro-Democratic sympathizers led him to be named an “enemy of the people,” and the family became designated as having a “bad biography.”

“I didn’t know,” Dr. Dakoli said. “I thought people were putting me on the side or being rejected from things other kids were doing, and my parents couldn’t tell me because we had that bad biography.”

That “bad biography” caused her family to live in near-constant fear of persecution and led to ...

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