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Morocco agrees to normalize Relations with Israel

  • President Trump Middle East Peace initiative keeps going ahead as the Kingdom of Morocco agreed to normalize relations with Israel, making it the latest in a string of majority-Muslim countries to do so.
  • Trump Removes Sudan From Terror Sponsor Blacklist, prompting African Country to Normalize Relations with Israel too. The Magreb & the Middle East

Washington DC, Dec.12.– Senior advisor to the president Jared Kushner told reporters shortly after the president’s announcement that Morocco — like other signatories onto the Abraham Accords — will immediately open liaison offices in Israel, start scheduling direct flights from the country to Israel, and foster “cooperation” between companies in both nations.

He confirmed that in addition to Morocco’s decision to normalize relations, Trump had also signed a proclamation recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

“This comes on four years of very, very hard work and diplomacy,” Kushner stated. “We have peace sprouting in the Middle East.”

Kushner called the announcement a “part of the president’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the world,” and stated that other countries in the region “want to keep this progress going.”

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