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Deciphering the Truth: How to Tell Real News From ‘Fake News’

A conversation with investigative reporter Joshua Philipp.

Remember when you could turn on the evening news with little doubt that the journalists were, to the best of their knowledge, delivering the truth? Whether we were living in ignorant bliss or a more virtuous world, it sure made consuming news less stressful.

Today, of course, deciphering truth from fiction seems ever more important and challenging. World events hit closer to home than ever before, and it’s a challenge to make good decisions for the health and well-being of our families—not to mention the future of our country—if we can’t determine with confidence whether the information we’re being given is accurate.

So, how can we tell whether or not the news we’re consuming is reliable? I asked Joshua Philipp, an Epoch Times award-winning investigative reporter and the host of the show “Crossroads With Joshua Philipp,” for advice on navigating these muddy waters. Here’s what he said.

The Epoch Times: What has changed in the past few years that has so eroded our trust in the news?

Joshua Philipp: I think news began changing around the time that it became advocacy rather than the original mission of telling people what happened and why you should care about it. A lot of journalists these days are engaged in “new journalism.” It’s not journalism meant to tell you what happened. It’s journalism meant to achieve a specific political goal.

So when people go to write stories, they’re not thinking of informing the public—they’re thinking of informing the public based on a political agenda.

The Epoch Times: Are some of the news truly “fake”?

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